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05 Jun 2022

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Update the 2022 makeup trends that are expected

2022 is predicted to be a year with many changes in beauty trends or makeup art. So which 2022 makeup trend will “cause a storm”? Let’s update with Missgworld!

Natural makeup style

If 2021 prefers sharp and delicate lines. By contouring and helping the face look slimmer with different dark and light makeup lines. Then the makeup trend of 2022 will be towards natural beauty with light makeup to help keep the inherent beauty on the face intact.

Lip gloss will become a new trend in 2022

Cream lipsticks or matte lipsticks are no longer popular in the coming year. Instead, it is the “throne” of the lip gloss line to create natural beauty with plump lips. You can use lip gloss in combination with cream lipstick or matte lipstick to make your lips more attractive.

Eye makeup style with bold lines

Many makeup experts predict that the 2022 makeup trend that will explode is eye makeup with bold eye colors and eyeliner. The highlight on the entire face will no longer focus on the blush. Lipstick color or the angularity of the face. Instead, the look will be the place that attracts the most attention.
Beautiful eye color will be boldly spread with floating colors and bold eyeliner to create a round effect and attract eyes.

Makeup to highlight skin tone

Makeup with transparent style to highlight skin tone will help girls enhance their natural, pure and pure beauty. You should use cream as a “companion” with this makeup style.
A light foundation, with powder, blush and lipstick in a light color will help “pop up” skin tone. It also helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Makeup style with natural eyebrows

It is not difficult to find the right eyebrow shape when drawing. Or the sharp brow lines of the prevailing trend in 2021. With 2022, you don’t need to be too fussy to adorn your eyebrows.
No need to waste time on a horizontal or curved eyebrow. Only with natural brow line by gently trimming. You will definitely help your face enhance the inherent beautiful lines.

Makeup with bold eyeliner

Witnessing the explosion of beauty products for the eyes, including the eyelashes, you certainly cannot ignore this beauty trend. A pair of curled, bold and thick eyelashes will create the effect of making the eyes more glitter, round and full of life.
Makeup to make the eyelashes more impressive, creating a highlight for the look is also the 2022 makeup trend that is expected to explode impressively. This style is also very suitable for single eyelid girls!

Makeup with smoky eyes full of charm

Smokey eyes are a makeup trend that has never stopped being “hot”. No need for eye makeup with too sophisticated makeup. You just need to draw a thin, curved eyeliner on the tail to make the eyes look sharper and more attractive.
You can use a soft pencil to draw to help the eyes sparkle. After drawing close the eyelid with a thin and elongated eyeliner. You can use a brush to spread it evenly to create an attractive smoke effect. In addition, do not forget to choose eyeshadow with light tones combined with glossy lipstick to create harmony for the entire face.

Makeup with mischievous eye styles

If you feel too familiar with the old makeup styles, then immediately try the makeup trend with the addition of rhinestones. To make the face more impressive and create a highlight with everyone around.

It is not too difficult to catch up with her immediately the 2022 makeup trends that will become popular in the coming years. Always update the latest makeup styles to make yourself beautiful and stand out from the crowd.

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