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05 Jun 2022

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Top 10 Most Make Up Wedding Korean Trends

What’s new in the Korean bridal makeup trend in 2022 compared to 2021 and previous years? Update now to catch up with this very hot bridal makeup trend.

Make Up Wedding Korean Trends

Korean-style bridal makeup has been a favorite for years. Many makeup experts predict, in 2021 this is still one of the most loved bridal makeup styles. So what’s new in Korean bridal makeup in 2022 compared to previous years?

Instead of thick, somewhat heavy makeup like many other makeup styles, Korean-style bridal makeup is always thin and natural for maximum comfort for the bride on the big day.

Moreover, thanks to the thin makeup layer and bright pink skin, the bride will exude a healthy, youthful appearance, even much younger than her real age. Therefore, not only girlfriends in their twenties who are pursuing romantic and dreamy love like Korean dramas, but also brides who are about to turn “hash” also like young makeup styles. This medium, fresh.

With “hot trend” colors such as pink with a little purple, burnt orange, coral pink, earth orange, the makeup artist will easily help the bride to have a beautiful face that stands out on the wedding day.

Highlights of Korean-style bridal makeup in 2022

The main feature of Korean-style bridal makeup is naturalness and freshness. However, this makeup style is always changing to bring a new and beautiful image to the bride. In 2021, makeup experts predict that the Korean bridal makeup style will have some outstanding features such as:

Almost no makeup look
The first standout feature of the 2021 Korean bridal makeup is the almost no makeup look. Simply put, compared to previous years, the Korean-style bridal makeup in 2021 will continue to thin to enhance the skin and youthful, vibrant lines on the bride’s face.

Moreover, thanks to the thin layer of makeup, the bride will not be aged before her age. On hot days or in a nervous mood, this makeup layer does not cause discomfort for the bride. However, because the makeup is too thin, the bride can reveal major flaws on her face.

Therefore, makeup experts always advise girls with a face that is not perfect, with a large defect on the face, obviously not to choose this makeup style. Especially in 2021, when the near-makeup look is crowned.

Bright skin and smooth white skin
If you have bright, smooth skin, Korean bridal makeup will be the right choice for you. Especially in 2021. Because this year, Korean bridal makeup continues to make high demands on the skin. Although not radiant white, the bride’s face skin must be smooth and glossy so that the makeup becomes harmonious and outstanding.

Of course, depending on the bride’s skin tone, the makeup artist can advise the bride to wear light orange, coral pink or other hot colors. Moreover, because of the high requirements for the skin, people who choose Korean-style makeup should pay special attention to skin care before the wedding day.

You can sign up for an intensive treatment at the spa and actively moisturize every night. You should also spray mineral water continuously to provide water and balance the pH of the skin. Because the smoothness of the skin will determine the success of the makeup process.

However, if you book a spa treatment, you should do it early. It is best to be half a month before the wedding day to ensure the best skin condition.

Cheeks, lips sweet pink
Pink cheeks used to be a makeup trend loved by many girls. But in the past few years, many people think that pink cheeks and lips have become outdated. Especially on important occasions like weddings. However, according to the prediction of the outstanding features of Korean-style bridal makeup in 2021, the sweet pink cheeks will return to paint the perfect ending of the couples in love. This color palette will help the bride become young and full of dreams.

Exquisite, seductive smoky eyes It’s not the dark smoky eyes that are full of magic, but the delicate, seductive smoky eyes that are the hallmarks of Korean makeup in 2021. Smokey eyeshadow will help the bride’s eyes look big, sharp, and divine. than. Moreover, the makeup artist can skillfully combine with bright shimmer on the eyelids to create depth and increase the charm of the bride. So if you do not own big round eyes. If you do not like to use wool or eyelids, you can completely choose Korean bridal makeup with delicate, seductive smokey eyes.

Wave hair loose or simply tied
Bridal makeup doesn’t just stop at contouring, applying powder, eyebrows, drawing eyes, applying lipstick, but also a makeup artist needs advice to help the bride have a hairstyle that suits her makeup style. For those who choose Korean bridal makeup in 2021, you will have two main options for hairstyles. It is natural loose waves or simple hair ties combined with garlands or small decorative accessories. This hairstyle will help the bride look sweet and eye-catching.

Add a bit of classic, quiet
Wedding is a great occasion for both the bride, groom and relatives on both sides. However, it’s not all fun that you need to choose striking colors. On the contrary, you can completely add a bit of classic and quiet to become gentle and romantic in the journey to the altar.

With this classic Korean make-up, the makeup artist often emphasizes the bride’s eyebrows, lips and eyes. In particular, the eyebrows are usually quite dark brown eyeliner combined with dark brown or copper brown eyeshadow and nude pink lipstick.

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