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05 Jun 2022

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9 ways to ensure your natural makeup

Natural beautiful makeup helps girls become young and beautiful, attracting all eyes. Makeup is a magical art, but not everyone knows how to do it. With just the basic tools combined with the makeup steps below, you can own a fresh, flawless face.

Always clean your skin before natural makeup

Clean skin helps the powder to spread evenly on the skin and last longer. Therefore, cleaning the skin is one of the “golden keys” to decipher how to have long-lasting makeup. For oily skin, it’s even more important. Cleanse your skin by using a daily cleanser with a pH of ~ 5.5 – 6 and containing salicylic acid (from less than 1%). This acid will help our skin be cleaned of dirt, prevent acne-causing bacteria from deep in the pores, but still do not lose the necessary protective film for the skin.

Natural -makeup -01
Natural makeup

Moisturizing the skin is a long-lasting natural makeup

The effect of moisturizer is to balance the moisture in the skin. Moisturizing 15 minutes before makeup will be the perfect complement to long-lasting makeup. Why?

For dry and normal skin, moisturizer will support water supply, prevent the powder from peeling and quickly solve the problem of uneven skin tone. For people with oily skin, moisturizer will play a role in controlling and balancing excess oil on the skin – the cause of the face easily “smudged”.

How to make natural makeup not drift effectively thanks to a small tip

“Apply cold ice”
Applying ice is one of the makeup tips of beauticians to deal with hot dry air. Rinse off a small ice cube and gently rub it all over the surface for 2-5 seconds and pat dry with a cotton ball or towel before applying makeup to temporarily cool skin and help tighten pores. Thereby helping the skin to be less irritated with the ingredients in makeup cosmetics. Helps to make my skin smoother and softer – a great addition to long-lasting makeup, right?

How to make natural makeup last longer with primer

Using eye primer and face primer is a great long-lasting makeup that has been applied by many beayty bloggers. Primer contains non-greasy ingredients, supports moisture to create a perfect skin protection layer, with the effect of locking powder layers and limiting the possibility of being washed away under the effects of sweat or weather. . It would be remiss if not to list “primer” as one of the perfect saviors for makeup that doesn’t drift, right?

Notes when choosing foundation

A suitable foundation will increase the “life” of the makeup on the face. Mist or liquid foundation will help you easily create a more perfect make-up without losing the color of the next make-up steps.

Natural makeup

Do not abuse concealer – natural makeup

Agree that concealer can help her cover all the bad points on the face, but at the same time, this is also the reason why makeup wears off faster. Use a concealer pen to lightly dab on spots or blemishes that need to be covered, not the entire face.

Limiting the use of liquid cosmetics is an effective long-lasting natural makeup method

Water-based products such as eyeliner, eyeshadow or cream blush, mascara… are the products that are most prone to drift, especially when you are in a hot environment. To overcome this, use blush and eyeshadow powder, powder: charcoal eyeliner is one of the good suggestions in this case.

Most of the powdered products are able to control oil and sebum quite well. Therefore, give preference to cosmetics in this form if you want to have a lasting and effective makeup that lasts all day.

Choose waterproof products for eye natural makeup

Always remember to add an eye primer! Your eye color will be beautiful and clear, moreover, it will control oil for eyelids effectively. If you want a little sharp eyeliner or a curled eyelash. Always remember to choose eyeliner and mascara with waterproof function – Waterproof, so as not to make the eye makeup smear when the eyelids are oily. This little tip is very useful, it complements the effect of positive long-lasting makeup!

Powder will be extremely important for the natural makeup not to drift really effectively

An important step that should never be forgotten when you want to have a durable foundation on sunny and rainy days is to master a good oil-control powder coating. This is considered a good candidate for effective makeup that doesn’t drift. Powdered powders are more absorbent than compact powders, but do not thicken makeup. Promises to give you a final look that brings a matte, beautiful, smooth but still extremely natural makeup.

Moistening the eyeshadow brush before use is also an effective way of long-lasting makeup.

To keep the eye color long-lasting, you can moisten the eyeshadow brush before using it by spraying it with water or dip it in clean water and dry it with a towel. This helps the powder last longer and not dry when applied to the eyelids.

How to keep lipstick color lasting all day long

Reapplying lipstick after eating or after a period of time is definitely a habit of many women, isn’t it? Did you know that wearing lipstick continuously in the long run can easily make lips dry and chapped?

Use a good matte lipstick and don’t forget to apply moisturizer before.
Apply a thin layer of lipstick: Apply a thin layer of lipstick on your lips, wait 15 minutes for the lipstick to dry completely and then continue to the next step of applying lipstick.
Do not use powder on the lips because it is easy to dry the lips and when the lipstick is on, the color will not be natural.

Mineral spray to fix natural makeup

Mineral spray is the ultimate moisturizing product for the skin, an effective long-lasting makeup method with the effect of fixing the makeup film while helping the skin not to fade easily after a long time, extremely effective. If you accidentally hit the color too hard, don’t worry because there is a “rescue” mineral spray to help the makeup look much more natural.

Besides, you can also pay attention to a specialized product that supports the “best shelf life” of your makeup base – Setting Spray. The fixed spray layer will support the foundation to last all day on the skin, even if it is oily, the makeup will last for a long time and still be beautiful. She’s like “magic water”, so don’t forget to add this magic water to your makeup steps for oily skin!

You can enjoy wearing makeup every day without worrying about your skin becoming secret. Whether it’s a thick layer of makeup or the use of long-lasting cosmetic layers. The following is a product line that can support deep cleansing and nourishment for your skin, which is Pond’s Micellar Water Bi-Phase Vitamin and Milk Essence.

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