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05 Jun 2022

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8 Korean Make Up Trend

Thin lashes

Unlike the previous makeup trend, a thick and false eyelash is often not popular with Korean girls anymore. Instead, the trend of makeup with curled and thin eyelashes became the first choice of these girls. This makeup trend often takes advantage of existing real lashes and coats them with a thin layer of mascara. Although it is thinner and thinner than makeup with false eyelashes, this makeup trend still helps you to have big, round, glittering eyes.

Korean Make Up Trend

You can give your natural lashes a dramatic yet natural look with a simple eyelash curler. Try using a small heated wooden stick to make this natural curl. At the same time, curling eyelashes with a wooden stick will also help you remove mascara easier.

Matte pink lipstick

Although lip gloss is a popular trend in the US and other Western countries, Korean girls “go against the crowd” with matte pink lipstick. In the past, Korean beauty treatments didn’t really focus on makeup for bigger lips.

But in 2021, a full lips is the desire of women in this country. Soft and plump lips covered with a matte pink lipstick are what you will encounter in most Korean girls at the moment. This is also a Korean lipstick makeup trend that is actively responded by famous female idol HyunA.

Use coral as the main makeup color

In addition to matte pink lipstick, Korean girls also love gentle and delicate coral colors. Not only that, this new and feminine makeup trend is also used in many Korean blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and even hair dye products.

Famous makeup brands in Korea like VDL also launched the Pantone Color of the Year collection. This collection includes makeup products for coral color that are mainstream and are loved and purchased by most young people.

Coral color will be makeup for her entire face without creating overwhelming, “overwhelming” but also making the appearance even more novel and sophisticated.

Some makeup products with coral color you may like, that is 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in Beach Muse color to make the eyes more vivid and impressive. Clio Mad Velvet Tint color 07 is also a product that will help you get a gentle and lovely blush.

Red-orange lips

One of the makeup trends that are expected to explode in 2021 is the orange-red lipstick trend. Combining powerful reds and warm orange tones, red-orange lipstick is the perfect blend to bring out a radiant face. In addition, the red-orange lip makeup trend with rosy cheeks and curved eyebrows will create the perfect overall look to help you enhance your beauty significantly!

Cool blue eyeliner

If you love disruptive, unique and new makeup trends, choose this eye makeup style right away. Swap your regular black eyeliner for a bright blue and draw yourself in sharp cat-eye lines right away. Besides, do not hesitate to add a little shimmer powder to the inner corners of the eyes to create highlights, brighten your radiant, full-of-life face. Since the eyes have drawn so much prominence, simplify the rest of the face to create a sense of harmony.

Draw lavender eyes

Girls who are fans of the faithful purple color, don’t miss this impressive makeup trend. Lavender purple eye makeup is extremely suitable for parties or festivals at the beginning of the new year 2021. Paint yourself a basic smoky eyeshadow, then apply a dark purple shimmer eyeshadow on the outside of your eyelids. Blends faded purple tones inward, creating a sparkling lavender ombre effect. From there, bring an impressive and unique appearance. Don’t forget to apply some shimmer along the lower lash line and inner corner to add depth to the “window to the soul”.

Peach Lips Attracts

The “hard fans” of the peach makeup trend should immediately pocket this makeup style. The trend of peachy pink lips brings an innocent, pure and sweet look, which is very suitable for girly, feminine girls. This makeup trend is very popular with beauty followers and famous beautiful female artist Jennie (BlackPink). You just need to add a little bit of gentle lip gloss to enhance your beauty in this 2021.

Violet Lashes personality

Have you ever tried purple mascara? Quickly experience this hot hit unique makeup trend right away. Both impressive and trendy, this makeup trend is very popular with girly girls. Just apply eyelash care product first, then cover with two to three layers of bright violet-violet mascara and you’ve got your own unique purple curls.

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