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05 Jun 2022

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How to make up for newbie step by step

Nowadays, makeup has become an indispensable skill for women. If you are trying to learn makeup, then read this article to understand the basic makeup steps for beginners.

Prepare makeup tools and cosmetics

For beginners, you just need to prepare some basic cosmetics and makeup tools:

Cream liner

Cream for background




Eyebrow pencil


Pink Chest



Makeup brushes

Eyelash curler

Skin care before makeup

How to make up for newbie step by step

Although this step does not affect the result of makeup, it is a key factor in protecting and preserving the beauty of the skin. In fact, no matter how expensive or high-quality cosmetics you use, the chemicals in them will more or less affect your skin. So when you do a good skincare routine before makeup, you will reduce the risk of toxins affecting your skin.

Clean skin

Cleansing the skin helps open pores, the skin will not be blocked by makeup and reduces the risk of acne. Moreover, when the face is clean, the effect of makeup will be higher, the color of lipstick or powder will be properly expressed and avoid the case of dullness.

Skin balance

The purpose of using a skin toner is to prevent the skin from drying out after cleansing. At the same time, the skin will be clean, smooth, and pores will be minimized, so the chemicals in makeup products cannot penetrate deeply into the skin.

Skin moisturizing

This is the last step and also the most important step to get the skin ready for the makeup steps. You can use cream or essence at this step. But it is best to use a moisturizer with a light texture to avoid causing skin irritation.

This layer of moisturizer has the function of protecting the skin, avoiding the chemicals in cosmetics that stick directly to the skin and cause harm to the skin. At the same time, this moisturizing layer will help you fight aging, support the treatment and prevent wrinkles on the face.

In case you wear makeup in the morning, you can add an extra layer of sunscreen after applying lotion. This is really necessary whether it is sunny outside or not.

The most basic makeup steps anyone can do

To start with basic makeup steps, you can refer to the process below:

Step 1: Apply primer

Primer is the first thin layer of cream applied to the skin to help soften the skin. This product also has the effect of lifting skin tone, creating a luminous skin effect. Some primers also contain essential nutrients to replenish moisture and whiten the skin. Therefore, a quality primer box is often quite expensive, but with what it brings, the money you spend will be completely worth it.

Step 2: Apply foundation

Foundation is the most important part of basic makeup steps. Many people often confuse between primer and foundation, or they mistakenly think that the two are one and only use one of them, leading to the case of using the wrong order.

Foundation is a layer of cream that is used after applying a primer. Foundation will determine the result of makeup because it best shows whether your foundation is even and smooth.

When choosing a foundation, you should choose the same color as your skin tone or 1 tone lighter than your real skin. When applying foundation, only take an appropriate amount, dot it on 5 basic points on the face: forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. Then use a cotton ball or a makeup sponge to spread it evenly around. Blend and spread evenly so that the cream is even and thin as possible.

Step 3: Use concealer

Concealer is not a mandatory cosmetic item in the basic makeup steps. However, in many cases, even though you have used primer and foundation, your face still has many defects. Typically, dark spots caused by acne, dark spots in the eyes that are too dark for foundation to cover. Therefore, you need to use more concealer to improve the above disadvantages.

With concealer, you don’t use a sponge or cotton ball and apply it to your skin like the previous two types. Just use a brush, take a small amount of cream, dot it on the defect and spread it evenly. Make sure that the color of the concealer blends in well with the previous foundation.

Step 4: Apply powder

The application of powder is called the process of locking the makeup base. That is, the powder will act as a protective layer for the previous foundation and primer. This is the last step, ending the process of foundation makeup for the face.

Powders are often powdered, because they also have the function of helping the skin to dry, reducing the amount of oil secreted that affects the makeup base.

You should use a brush to apply powder. Use a brush to dab a layer of powder, tap the powder bottle to ensure just enough powder, gently brush and spread evenly on the skin. Do not rub or press firmly on the brush, this is easy to make the chalk uneven, the skin will be lumpy and show a chalky pattern, making it unsightly.

Step 5: Draw eyebrows

Many women always lose confidence with their eyebrows when they are short, fuzzy or very sparse. However, now this problem is no longer a big worry because you already have an eyebrow pencil. A convenient point is that now there are many eyebrow pencil colors, you can freely choose to have the same color tone as your hair color.

Depending on the condition of your eyebrows, you will proceed to line. If your eyebrows are already dark, just fill in the top and brush the eyebrows to make the face more balanced.

Usually, those of you who are just getting used to the basic makeup steps will find this stage difficult. You can use an eyebrow stencil, the only thing you need to do is apply the stencil to your brow and highlight it with a pencil.

Step 6: Eyeliner

The eyeliner works to increase the sharpness of the eyes by creating emphasis on the eyelids. For those who have monolids, this is a very important step. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the eyes when applying eyeliner. If the line is too long, too curved and bold, you will accidentally make the eyes become aggressive and lose their natural look.

At first, applying eyeliner will be very difficult and the results will not really make you satisfied. But be patient, just practice a few times, you will feel more confident with your eyeliner level.

For basic makeup steps for beginners, you should use pencil eyeliner. Although the line is not as thin as water or wax, this eyeliner is strong and stable enough for you to create. Open your eyes wide and follow the eyeliner. At the bottom of the eyes, you can gently wave to create a curve to highlight the big and impressive eyes.

Step 7: Apply eyeshadow

Eyeshadow will make the eyes brighter. This will be the highlight that attracts others to look into your eyes. Depending on the style of makeup, you will choose different eye colors. In particular, the light colors will help you exude youthfulness and dynamism, the dark colors will exude a seductive beauty.

You need to choose from 2-3 colors to make your eyes more sharp. For those who are just starting to learn makeup, you can choose gentle tones such as light earth orange, nude, and light brown to ensure safety and easy to coordinate with many situations. Use the brush to spread the color evenly from the inside of the eye socket to the eyelid. The color is evenly mixed from light to dark, you need to pay attention to create depth for your eyes.

Step 8: Use mascara

The last step in eye makeup is applying mascara. This is a way to help you have long and curled eyelashes, making your eyes more attractive than ever. After using the eyelash curler, apply a coat of mascara to make your lashes thicker and more dramatic. Pay attention when applying mascara, need to evenly hand and observe carefully, avoid putting cosmetics on the eyes.

If your eyelashes are not curled, you can use the option of using false eyelashes. They will still look very natural if you use the right template for you.

Step 9: Lipstick

Lipstick is definitely an indispensable item in our makeup steps. A rosy, fresh and vibrant lips are enough to help you feel confident when communicating with people around. Even many of you do not need any makeup, just a little lipstick is enough to be beautiful.

Depending on the style and purpose of the makeup, you should choose whether to wear dark or light lipstick. Currently, there are many lipstick colors that make women fall in love. It can be pink, magenta, crimson, earthy orange… each color will show its own beauty and personality.

A small note, before applying lipstick, apply a layer of lip balm to protect the skin of the lips. At the same time, this is also a way to help the lipstick to have the most standard and beautiful color. When you have applied lip balm, the process of removing makeup later will also be easier when the lipstick does not adhere deeply to the lips.

Step 10: Apply blush

To finish the makeup steps, use blush. Many people also call it with the lovely name of blushing. This step makes the face more balanced, contours and contours more defined. In addition, when there is a little pink color, it will help your cheeks become fuller and more lovely.

Using a makeup brush and a little blush, lightly brush on both cheeks from the inside out. Do not hit hard and only hit lightly, the color will be more beautiful and not “excessive”.

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