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05 Jun 2022

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The top hair colour trends 2022

Which haircut trends 2022 are suitable for you – a stylish girl? In addition to the skin, the hair is the driving force to help you shine and be more confident.

Top biggest hair color trends 2022

Chestnut brown

Chestnut brown is a popular brown tone and is suitable for everyone, no matter what skin tone you have, you don’t need to worry when deciding to dye your hair chestnut brown because it’s not picky about outfits and makeup tones.

Chestnut Brown – hair colour trends 2022

One secret to this hair color dye is to dye the base dark brown and highlight caramel and light auburn to make the hair look thicker and sweeter. With this modern transition dye, your face is shaped and has a fresher, more ruddy look, especially when accompanied by a Korean-style hairstyle. See more beautiful hair colors for office women.
Chestnut brown color suitable for many skin colors is always chosen by many women. The stylish Korean-style beautiful chestnut brown dyed hairstyle is the tone chosen by many pop stars for themselves to perfectly compliment their skin tone.
The chestnut brown color is neither too bright nor too dark, bringing a novelty in the hair color that enhances the feminine gentleness for girls.

If to have bright white skin, dark-skinned girls should stay away from dyed hair colors such as bright blonde or bright red. Deep chestnut brown color is suitable for many different faces and skin tones.

On the contrary, in the last months of 2022, stylish girls tend to choose brighter and more vibrant hair colors. The feminine and classic dark chestnut brown hairstyle is loved by many girls, not too prominent but gentle. Feminine and somewhat loving and especially suitable for all skin types and different styles.

Hair dyed lemon yellow

Dyeing hair in lemon yellow is also very hot. The trend of dyeing hair in lemon yellow is not new, but it will not be outdated because this is a very “picky” color.

Lemon Yellow – hair colour trends 2022

This hair colour trends 2022 will give you a striking impression and new style but also have a higher requirement than other hair colors in terms of skin color as well as how to combine with outfits. Long hair is also not afraid to dye light colors. Missgworld found that if you have white skin, this hair color is very suitable for you, what you need to do now is choose for yourself a hairstyle that suits your face to create your own perfect beauty.

Blonde hair compliments a lighter skin tone. If your skin is not white but is very “connected” to lemon yellow, choose for yourself a personality hairstyle with sophisticated trimming lines to create your own style.

Highlight dyed hair

Hair trends always change day by day, hour by hour. Not only hairstyle but also hair color also create new winds in women’s beauty work. Dyeing hair becomes an indispensable thing when girls “buy” new hair. So choosing the right dye for your hair type, skin color, etc. to help highlight the contours of your face is not easy.

hair colour trends 2022

In recent years, besides traditional dyeing, there are many new dyes that are very popular with women such as ombre, balayage, or highlight hair. If in the past, when mentioning highlight hair, you immediately think of a hairstyle with colorful and less delicate hairs, now highlight hair has had a new transformation thanks to a unique, creative, and artistic combination of dyes. art.

For girls, highlighting hair dye has become an all too familiar concept, just like curly or straight. But the problem is that, because it seems to be so familiar, you often… leave them alone and don’t take the time to find out: How to dye highlight is beautiful, right.

So, your results sometimes highlight hairstyles that look very… cheesy and somewhat rustic. This dye allows you to leave the background a dark color but add a few curls of a lighter color.

Basically, this dye is just a light color for a few small curls on a dark background. This type of highlight dye in curls is quite popular in Vietnam, especially among young people about 5-6 years ago. Until now, this type of dyeing is still loved by many people because of the interesting touch it brings to the hair.

Dyeing hair bright red youthful and personality

The vibrant red hair dye was popular from a few years ago. The red color in your hair makes your skin rosy and radiant. Not to mention, this is also a hair color that is easy to “camouflage” with adults when indoors. Only when outdoors, the dark brown color shines with attractive red layers.

Dyeing hair bright red youthful and personality

Remember that non-white-skinned girls should only choose deep red, inclined to brown. Red tones that are too bright and bright will backfire, making your appearance look even grayer.

Gray hair dyed

Choosing a color that is the exact opposite of your natural hair color can be a bold decision, but it also means that you have to dye it continuously, as soon as the roots grow out. Instead, you should choose tones that are more similar to your natural hair color or dye ombre to avoid having to dye too many times. For smoky gray hair dye, the balance with the real hair color is the deciding factor to whether the coloring is satisfactory or not.

Gray hair dyed

Dyeing hair dark brown

Dyeing hair darker brown is suitable for girls 20 years and older. Or you can also replace it with Honey brown: Honey brown with an attractive golden hue will help your hair feel smoother, shinier. This is also a familiar hair color today because it helps to tone the skin quite effectively. To make your face brighter, you should remember to apply eyebrow makeup to the same light color as your hair, to avoid the situation of auburn hair and black eyebrows.

Dyeing hair dark brown

In previous years, the preferred tones were prominent colors such as red, yellow, and blue, but the hair trend in 2022 is the rise of deeper hair colors, especially sepia hair color. Because this hairstyle does not highlight white skin, it is also suitable for all different hairstyles of both men and women.

Dyeing hair brown copper is considered a stylish color but never out of fashion. This color scheme is an interesting mix of browns, reds, and oranges. However, the copper-brown color does not last long, so it is best to dye the colors a little bit deep, to avoid the hair color becoming a messy yellow when it fades away. Curly hair is exactly for the stylish ‘players’.

The red color in your hair will help your skin look more rosy and radiant. Not to mention, this is also a hair color that is easy to “camouflage” with adults when indoors. Only when outdoors, the dark brown color shines with attractive red layers. Remember, girls who are not bright white should only choose a deep red and brown color. Craving for too bright and bright colors will backfire, making your appearance look even more “gray”.

Moss brown dyed hair

Dyeing hair moss is not picky about the face as many people think. In particular, moss brown color does not need to be bleached, so your hair will not be weak, broken and damaged. There is one problem that the moss brown color fades very quickly, but don’t worry, it will fade into a beautiful greenish-yellow color.

Smoke dyed hair

Smokey hair is currently the most popular hair color today, when it is constantly being promoted enthusiastically by hot girls and famous actors, the hair color makes you look extremely western and this substance will help you a makeover for the new year overflowing. energy. With a modern, liberal personality, smoky hair is one of the most popular hair colors today. Variations of smoke such as blue-gray, cigarette butts, yellow smoke… all help brighten your skin and give you a modern look. However, all smoke colors need bleaching to get the right color and only keep the color for 1-2 months, so consider before deciding to dye it!

Smoke dyed hair

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