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05 Jun 2022

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How to care face skin for man

How to care face skin for man is barely in their mind. It all boils down to using shampoo, shower gel or perfume every day. To take care of face men will bring you confidence, even success. Here are some following tips to care face for men.

Basic knowledge before learning how to care face skin for man

Before diving into the steps on how to take care of face men, it is very important to determine the right skin type and current skin condition, so that you can easily choose the right methods and products suitable for your skin.

Know what your face skin type: The simple way to determine what your skin type is, you need to prepare a piece of oil blotting paper, apply it to your face as soon as you wake up.

  • Normal skin: The paper has only a few spots of oil. Your skin will feel quite soft and bright. Skin is usually the skin type that has the fewest problems and is not too “picky” about how to care face skin for man. 
  • Dry skin: If you have dry skin, the oil blotting pad will be quite clean but at the same time you will feel your skin dry, peeling, and burning if you rub it on it.
  • Oily skin: If your skin is oily, the paper will absorb a lot of oil stains and the amount of oil will concentrate mainly on the forehead, nose, and cheeks. In addition, oily skin often has many problems, which is often oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Combination skin: Most people have combination skin. At this time, the test paper will absorb the oil on the forehead and nose, and the cheeks will hardly be.
  • Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is often very dry, prone to redness and irritation. Therefore, the use of cosmetics must also be very careful and should only be used without alcohol in cosmetics to ensure safety for the skin.

After knowing exactly your face skin type, you will know to select skin care products which are suitable for skin type. But how to use skin care products, it’s a process. Let’s read the following process. 

The process of how to care face skin for man

A good skin care routine requires rationality in the use of skin care products. Here are the most important steps for men’s facial skin care:

The process of how to care face skin for man

Cleanse face – how to care face skin for man (2 times/day): After a long day of “fighting” with work and a dusty environment, your skin’s surface must be covered with dirt, excess oil and impurities. How to clear skin for men. Gently washing your face with a cleanser twice a day in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed will help wash away and wash away the bacteria that accumulate on the skin. And an equally important factor in men’s skin care is that you need to choose the right cleanser that removes excess oil but still does not make the skin dry or flaky.

Exfoliate dead skin cells – how to care face skin for man (2 times/week): The accumulation of dead skin cells allows bacteria to build up that causes acne and makes your skin look dull. How to clear skin for men. When exfoliating the skin, you need to avoid using skincare products that are too strong and rub your skin too much. Use some exfoliating products with gentle and natural properties to keep men’s skin clean and maintain the best absorption state.

Take care of face men by moisturizing the skin (2 times/day): The epidermal surface of the skin is covered by a hydrolipid film. This natural moisture film acts as a barrier to protect the skin from the penetration and attack of bacteria and free radicals. The use of a moisturizer will help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier, create a barrier against harmful agents and maintain the skin’s health.

Apply sunscreen (every morning): Applying sunscreen regularly every time you go out, even in winter weather, is a prerequisite to owning smooth skin. This cream will help protect the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun, avoiding the risk of premature skin aging and acne.

How to take care of face men before and after shaving for men: To make shaving easy and avoid scratching your skin while shaving, choose a good blade and shaving creams or gels that do not contain many chemicals and do not irritate the skin. And after shaving, you should apply anti-inflammatory moisturizers to soothe the skin and avoid ingrown beards that cause acne. Avoid leaving the razor in a humid environment where bacteria and fungi thrive, causing skin infections. Instead, you can keep your razor in the medicine cabinet and change the blade regularly.

However, to care face skin for man, not only use good skin care products. You should keep healthy lifestyle. Let’s continue to read, we give you some advice. 

How to care face skin for man base on your lifestyle

Your lifestyle such as eating, walking, mood, … can all affect the health of your skin. Proper skin care following the tips below will help you keep your skin young and healthy.

Care face skin for man by adding 2-3 liters of water per day: Drinking water is not only a basic skin care routine, but also a key habit to maintain health and fitness for the body. Not only quenching thirst, water also keeps the skin perfectly “hydrated”. When the skin is supplied with enough water, it will help regulate excess oil on the skin, thereby helping to shrink pores and make the skin smooth and flawless. Instead of drinking coffee, beer or wine, why don’t you form a habit of drinking 12 glasses of water a day (equivalent to 2-3 liters of water)? You will be surprised at how effective is it

Care face skin for man by exercising regularly: Exercise is not only good for health, appearance, and spirit but also has extremely good effects on the skin. We often think that the skin is only beautiful when it is fully nourished from the inside as well as cared for properly from the outside with cosmetics. However, many scientific studies show that healthy, beautiful, youthful, rosy, and firm skin is more effective if you exercise regularly and reasonably. Exercise helps the skin to excrete many toxins, helps blood circulation so that the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin, helps the skin to be well-nourished, the skin will be firmer and healthier.

Proper nutrition: Skin condition is a reflection of what is going on inside your body, which means that to have perfect skin, it is necessary and a prerequisite that you must nourish your body properly and wisely. Relying too much on fast food, alcoholic beverages, and other fast foods can be bad for your health, especially your skin. To take care of face skin men effectively, you should eat foods that help keep your skin rosy such as fruits, vegetables, or nuts rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids. like omega-3…

How to care face skin for man, to say NO to “stress”: When the body is constantly faced with a state of stress, the brain triggers a response that disrupts the skin’s natural cycle and disrupts immune system function. So, try to block all negative triggers with very simple ways like reading, listening to music, jogging, exercising… or whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable. This will help the body relax and the skin will be nourished and protected optimally.

Get enough sleep to care face for man: A good night’s sleep is closely related to the condition of your skin. Try sleeping just a few hours each night, and you’ll soon notice negative changes in your skin. If you do not sleep well or stay up too much at night, this regeneration process will be interrupted, which will inadvertently lead to “alarming” conditions such as acne, oily skin, large pores…

Hopefully, the care face skin for man information provided by Missgworld above will help guys understand the importance of taking care of and protecting their skin. From there, it helps to bring confidence and create sympathy for the opposite person when communicating at work as well as in your surrounding relationships!

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