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05 Jun 2022

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Curly hair or straight hair: Which is better?

Many girls wonder whether curly hair or straight hair is suitable for their face. Just based on the 4 simple criteria below, you will have the correct answer for yourself.

Curly hair or straight hair: Which is better based on your facial features

Face shape is the first feature that we need to keep in mind when deciding between curly hair or straight hair.
Long face or square face: You have a long face or square and are confused to choose curly hair or straight hair, let us help you select. If you have an elongated or square face, you should not choose a straight hairstyle, because straight hair will make your face look longer. People only focus on the long face without paying attention to your facial contours or appearance. Curly hair will create bouncy, making the face rounder and softer. The wavy bangs will also enhance the face shape, creating a luxurious and beautiful appearance for long-faced women.

Long face or square face

Round face: You have a round face and are confused to choose curly hair or straight hair, don’t worry, let’s continue to read this article. Many people think that round faces also need curls to hide their blemishes, but in fact, shoulder-length hair is the hairstyle that best suits your face. Straight, long, natural hair creates the illusion of a longer face, concealing the full roundness of the cheeks. You can let the long bangs float or the thin bangs hang slightly in front of the forehead to help the face look balanced and a little less big.

Round face

Curly hair or straight hair :Which is better based on length – thin or quality of your hair

Thickness – thinning of hair is always something that bothers you whether you should choose curly hair or straight hair.

Thin hair: Thin-haired girls, curly hair or straight hair doesn’t matter, of course, should wear curls to create the illusion of thicker hair than it really is. You can curl big curls or curls evenly, the dyed light color looks a bit thicker. 

Thick Hair: With thick hair, it’s simple, you can have curly hair or straight hair. However, there is a point that many people do not notice, if you have hair growing on the top of your head, you should leave your hair slightly wavy. Thus, the hair will look a bit messy, the top of the head is also puffier, so it can cover the jagged baby curls.

Curly hair or straight hair

If your hair is dry and stiff: You should not think curly hair or straight hair is better because keeping your hair straight or just slightly wavy is the best choice. 

If your hair is easily greasy because of the shine: Curly hair is the most suitable. The scalp produces a lot of oil and sweat, which will make the hair flat and sticky, then wavy hair will help you overcome this problem. Even in the hot summer, natural curls look much less greasy than straight hair.

Curly hair or straight hair more attractive: Based on your styling methods

You usually think that having lost the effort to make curly hair, it is best to let it go or straight hair to let loose is also very beautiful and luxurious. However, you will also need the following 5 styling methods to change the appearance flexibly, always beautiful, never boring.

Hair tied low

Although you have curly hair or straight hair, you must try hair tied low. This hairstyle not only brings a smooth appearance but also helps to enhance the small face of women. Combined with lipstick colors such as red, earthy pink, or nude lipstick, the face will reach the luxury level max. 

Hair tied low

Hair accentuates accessories

The fashion world has a lot of beautiful and stylish accessories, such as the mane, hairpin or hat… So, it’s okay for you not to take advantage of these lovely items to style your outfit. Whatever your hair is, curly hair or straight hair, accessories like a mane, or a cold season item like a beret… All will adorn your hair more prominently and attract the eye.

Hair accentuates accessories

Half tied hair

This hairstyle is suitable for both curly hair and straight hair. How can you ignore the half-tied hair when talking about the ways to create smooth braids for straightened hair? And even though it’s very feminine, flying, the half-tied operation still doesn’t lose the elegance of straightened hair. Don’t forget to let your hair down, you will look more beautiful and a lot of facial blemishes will also be hidden! And what’s wrong with girls with wavy hair that don’t try this hairstyle? When tying low, take an extra step of pulling the hairs around the top of your head to create volume, simple as that, but greatly improving your beauty!

Half tied hair

Hair parted in the middle, neatly tucked on both sides

You don’t need to be confused with this hairstyle suitable for curly hair or straight hair. We are sure it only fits for straight hair. Manipulating the middle parting, tucking it to the sides behind the ears when straightening hair brings perfection to the owner, making the “facade” more luxurious and aristocratic. This is an extremely ideal choice for year-end parties, weddings and is also great for capturing a set of virtual live photos.

Hair parted in the middle

Braided curly hair

Curly hair or straight hair can apply a braided hairstyle, but curly hair is more suitable. With curly hair, when braiding, you will get a thicker braid, the hair around the top of the head also has a certain volume and from then on, your braided hair is also beautiful, romantic, and much more luxurious, not damaged. 

Braided curly hair

Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, you should take the time to style your hair. And another important point is that you should know how to take care of your hair. The following articles are about how to take care of your curly hair or straight hair.

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