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05 Jun 2022

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Best haircuts for pregnant ladies

Here are the best haircuts for pregnant ladies. During pregnancy, your hair easily becomes tangled and split ends. Therefore, you can choose more beautiful and convenient haircuts for pregnant ladies after giving birth.

The basic knowledge before learning best haircuts for pregnant ladies

Before learning haircuts for pregnant ladies; you need to how is the hair of pregnant women affected during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your hair thicker or thinner.

Hair for pregnant ladies can become thicker

Hair has a natural life cycle. Individual hairs grow, then rest for 2 or 3 months before being pushed out by a new hair growing in that follicle (the tubular sheath that surrounds the hair underneath the skin). During pregnancy, this cycle changes. Many women will notice thicker hair around the 15th week of pregnancy.

Hair for pregnant ladies can become thicker

This is not because each strand of the hair itself becomes thicker, but because hair stays longer during the growing phase of the pregnancy cycle, which means less hair loss than usual. This is due to an increase in the hormone estrogen. Thicker hair helps you can choose many haircuts for pregnant ladies, from long hair to short hair based on your interest.

Hair for pregnant ladies can become thinner

Some women experience more hair loss during pregnancy. This is due to a decrease in estrogen, or reasons such as the following:

  • Stop taking birth control pills.
  • Abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy.

Women also often experience hair loss after childbirth as estrogen levels return to normal. This causes the additional hair to move from the growth phase to the resting phase. Therefore, postpartum mothers’ hair falls out more than usual until about 3-4 months after the baby is born.

Hair for pregnant ladies can become thinner

This hair loss is usually nothing to worry about; Hair growth should return to normal by the time your baby is about 12 months old. If you feel excessive hair loss or hair is not growing back to normal after 12 months. Please talk to your doctor. If you are in a lot of hair loss, you should refer to some short haircuts for pregnant ladies. 

Dyed short haircuts for pregnant ladies

Choosing short haircuts for pregnant ladies is one thing. Adding a little color to your hair is also something that pregnant ladies care about. Doctors do not encourage pregnant ladies to use chemicals to dye and bleach hair. But if you still want to dye your hair, you should note:

Dyed short haircuts for pregnant ladies
  • Wear gloves if you dye your hair yourself.
  • Make sure not to leave the hair dye on for longer than necessary.
  • Dye your hair in a well-ventilated room.
  • Wash the scalp after dyeing.
  • Follow the directions on the hair dye package.
  • Do not mix different hair dye products.
  • It is recommended to test the reaction to the drug before use by applying it to the skin on the inside of the arm near the elbow, monitor for 48 hours; If there is an abnormal reaction (itching, rash, …) then absolutely do not use.
  • Choose products of reputable companies to ensure quality.
  • Do not dye or bleach eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Pay attention to read the side effects and instructions for use on the drug label.

If pregnant ladies are not sure about how to dye short haircuts for pregnant ladies; Talk to your doctor about whether hair care and beauty treatments are safe enough to use during pregnancy.

10 trending haircuts for pregnant ladies

2022 is the year of short haircuts for pregnant ladies to the throne. Originally, short hair is favored by the youthfulness it brings. 10 hairstyles below can be suitable for pregnant women

Haircuts for pregnant ladies

Short curled hair: These haircuts for pregnant ladies are not picky about the face, helping women to hide the disadvantages, creating a slimmer look.

Shoulder-length curly hair: The best haircuts for pregnancy is not picky about the face or skin color, creating an outer beauty that is bold, liberal, and extremely attractive.

Short hair combined with sparse bangs: This harmonious combination has created a completely new look for women, helping you to cheat for several years without makeup.

Short hair to long bangs: Shoulder-length style combined with long bangs will be a smart choice haircut for pregnant ladies in 2022.

Short straight hair: Bring a gentle style; Feminine suitable for all faces from round, long, square to oval.

Braided hair: This hairstyle helps pregnant women easily hide the defects; The two sides of the roof embrace the face, thereby creating a neat and dynamic effect.

Light-colored short hair: Shoulder-length hairstyles combined with light tones will help highlight your white skin.

Shoulder-length curly waves: To avoid the boredom of shoulder-length hairstyles; Pregnant women should combine wavy curls to create a floating, evocative beauty.

Short haircuts for pregnant ladies are more easily cared for than long hair but don’t be easy when choosing hair care products. You need to care about the chemical ingredients in these hair care products.

How to care haircuts for pregnant ladies

Use shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients for pregnant ladies

It is very important to use natural products when caring for haircuts for pregnancy. Pregnant ladies can choose them based on hair type. But to be on the safe side, consider the ingredients in shampoo and conditioner bottles.

How to care haircuts for pregnant ladies

The standout ingredients will certainly be hydrolyzed silk and wheat proteins; Argan oil, Murumuru nut butter; beetroot extract. Choose natural shampoos with coconut-based cleansers instead of Sulphates to clean your hair without stripping your hair of moisture. Avoid harmful toxins like Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oil, PEG, and synthetic fragrances.

Buy a hair mask

Hair loss during pregnancy can make pregnant ladies eager to find solutions to minimize this condition. Pregnant ladies can choose ingredients such as fenugreek seeds, aloe vera gel, and castor oil to keep their hair healthy. Pregnant ladies can also apply a natural hair mask rich in Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil for nourishment; it Moisturizes hair and reduces frizz. Having healthy hair help you can choose a variety of haircuts for pregnant ladies, from long to short hair.

Use hair essence

One of the must-have items to take care of your haircuts for pregnancy is a hair serum; Contains natural ingredients! This essence must contain active ingredients such as Moroccan Argan oil, wheat, pea and oat proteins, Marula oil, and amino acids.
These essential natural ingredients protect hair from environmental damage and repair hair structure. It also helps to soften the cuticles of the hair and make it less frizzy. Hair serum contains natural proteins that protect, restore and smoothen hair and promote hair growth.

Surely when owning these haircuts for pregnant ladies above and how to care for them, pregnant ladies will become neat, beautiful, and equally stylish.

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