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05 Jun 2022

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Trending hairstyles on tiktok

We are often afraid when we have to change a new hairstyle for many reasons, afraid of being ugly, afraid of not fitting, even afraid of being too old. But come on, it’s 2022, it’s time to find some trending hairstyles on Tiktok or other social media for yourself.

Wolfcut – the trending hairstyles on Tiktok right now

The hashtag #wolfcut with nearly 540 million views on TikTok and 20,000 mentions on Instagram proves that hairstyles are one of the indispensable trends of 2021. Many stars like Billie Eilish or Debby Ryan are also not out of this fever.

Trending hairstyles on tiktok

If 2020 marks the return of Mullet hair, Wolf Cut has blown a new wind to this year’s hair fashion trends. It can be said, Wolf Cut is a hybrid version of Mullet and Shag hair. This is a layered haircut to create volume, by keeping the length and coverage of Mullet’s hair along with a randomly trimmed layer of Shag. From that perfect combination, Wolf Cut inherits the rebellious and bold nature of the two trends above, while still bringing a completely new color, becoming one of trending hairstyles on Tiktok.
The special thing of Wolf Cut is that this is a highly applicable hairstyle suitable for many hair types and lengths, girls can completely “style” themselves at home during the epidemic season. At the same time, Wolf Cut can be combined with many other hair styles without being constrained within a framework of principles.

FEATHERED HAIR – the trending 70s hairstyles on Tiktok

Referring to the 1970s, no one can forget the classic hairstyle of Farrah Fawcett – the first version of Charlie’s Angel. This big curls hairstyle is a typical example of the retro style of the 70s.

FEATHERED HAIR – Trending Hairstyles on Tiktok

Feathered hairstyle is both gentle, bouncy, feminine and a bit “fluffy” intentionally. Compared with the traditional classical of that time, it has had many different changes. In 2021, the hairstyle returns to a slightly different appearance: just shoulder-length, so it’s very gentle, the middle parted bangs curl, so it feels much more sexy and seductive.
Another special feature is that the curls, although carefully curled and bouncy, still retain their natural, soft features and suit many face shapes.

Jennie’s bangs – the trending hairstyles on Tiktok from Blackpink member

Jennie’s style of dyeing her hair white is controversial, but it is still imitated by many girls.

Jennie’s bangs – the trending hairstyles on Tiktok

In her comeback with the product How you like that, Jennie (Black Pink) made a breakthrough when experimenting with a two-color hair dye. Instead of dyeing her entire head, the female idol created a highlight by bleaching and dyeing her bangs white, making her appear more mysterious.
Although not the first to promote the hair dye trend, Jennie created great attention. Many people commented that the Black Pink member goes after names like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish but has a strong fashion influence, so it creates a strong trend, despite opinions that her hair looks pretty “cool”.
From short hair to long hair, everyone wants to experiment with how to dye bangs to make their face brighter and more modern without having to be as sophisticated as bleaching the entire head.

Forecast trending hairstyles on Tiktok

Fringe Bangs

Fringe Bangs are bangs that were popular in 1970. This is a hairstyle where the front bangs are much shorter than the overall length of the hair.
Today, women change Fringe roofs in a variety of ways to match their personal style. This part of the bangs is sometimes trimmed, staggered, curled. Besides, the great advantage of fringe bangs is that it is not too picky like the original flat bangs but can be suitable for many different hair lengths._This is also the hairstyle that Bella Hadid chose. This bang was swept aside by Bella to create a slanted bang to create a personalized look while softening the angular lines of her face.

Fringe Bangs

The fringe bangs hairstyle has become a prominent trend in the beauty world. And very popular with French ladies.

Long flipped out curtain bangs

The indifference, “half and half” in hair fashion in 1970 always contains an irresistible charm. And this bangs hairstyle is a perfect example.
You do not need to curl the whole head, but only choose the roof and the sides of the side to curl. This is a gentle hairstyle with extremely subtle volume. To complete the sharp, striking look of this hairstyle, pair it with a bold smoky eyeshadow and a sexy glossy nude lip.

Long flipped out curtain bangs

This hairstyle is especially suitable for girls with square and round faces.

Voluminous roller curls

Voluminous roller curls are considered retro. Since its debut by singer Diana Ross, it has become an iconic hairstyle of the 1970s.A distinctive curly hairstyle with a straight top and only slight curls at the ends. This hairstyle is being applied the most by women in recent times. Not impressed by the charm or personality, the hairstyle is scored by pressing the big curls to enhance the sweetness and elegance of women.

Voluminous roller curls

 Low Pigtails

Back in the 1970s, you’ll see French actress Brigitte Bardot with a gentle side ponytail. This low pigtails hairstyle then quickly became a hair fashion trend around the world. For those who prefer a country style combined with a gentle classic, this hairstyle is a perfect choice. The loose hair tied on both sides is tied with a small bow, combined with a pretty floral dress, that’s enough for you to confidently walk the streets.

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