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05 Jun 2022

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Top 10 biggest hairstyle trend 2022

Which hairstyle trend 2022 is suitable for you – a stylish girl? In addition to the skin, the hair is the driving force to help you shine and be more confident. Let’s read this article to choose suitable trending hairstyles 2022 yourself.

Top 10 biggest hairstyle trend 2022 for women

A new year, a whole new world of trending hairstyles 2022. There are many easy ways to reinvent yourself every new year, one of the popular ways is changing your hairstyle. Just like haircolor trends, some of the following hairstyles have been in at one time and become hairstyle trend 2022. In addition, most of them are never obsolete. Now, let’s continue to read this article and get inspired by many of the most popular 2022 hairstyle trends. Celebrities have already chosen 2022 new hairstyle, have you?

The Bob hairstyle trend 2022

Bob hair is a loose hairstyle, neither too long nor too short. Usually, bob hair will be shoulder length, across your collarbone. 

Hairstyle trend 2022

It is no coincidence that bob hairstyles have been popular and crowned in the past few years. This hairstyle for women 2022 can be created in many different styles such as curly, flat or natural, all beautiful.

In the hot season, a dynamic bob hairstyle will bring more comfort to you than the traditional long hairstyle. Besides, bob hair is also easy to coordinate with many different outfits, becoming a short hair trend 2022.

Natural textured hairstyle trend 2022

Many hairstylists mentioned that natural textured hairstyles are forever trending. In a world full of hair extensions, stylish dye colors, and thousands of chemical-made changes, natural looks will become a 2022 new hairstyle. Spend a short period rediscovering yourself and let your beauty shine. After that, you’ll rock again better than ever with an awesome hairstyle transformation.

Natural textured hairstyle trend 2022

Beach waves hairstyle trend 2022

Beach waves are the name reserved for the hairstyle with gentle curls but are curled quite long and “strung together” continuously in the hair, so when looking at it, it will think of the waves of the sea rushing to the shore. Right from the name “Beach waves” has shown the characteristics of this hairstyle. Beach waves are the best hairstyle for women in 2022 and are also chosen by many famous female stars to renew themselves.

Beach waves hairstyle trend 2022

It’s been quite a long time since curly hair took the throne, and recently, this beach waves hairstyle has been born, eliminating the worries of women about the face becoming “older” with big curls at the ends of the hair. The reason beach waves have become trending hairstyles for a long time and are expected to remain in 2022 hairstyle trends, is because of their great advantages.

Shag hairstyle trend 2022

2021, women in many parts of the world have not been able to go to the hair salon as usual, and many short hairstyles have become longer. This also means that people are more used to easy, messy styling of their hair and want to maintain this look into the new year. Besides, the trend of home wear and “work from home” fashion has led to a more casual approach of people to fashion. And as people are forced to spend more time at home, along with many major events being canceled, the “no-effort” style (shag hairstyle) has become a 2022 new hairstyle.

Shag hairstyle trend 2022

It’s an always-on-trend, highly adaptable hairstyle that works with most hair types regardless of structure, with both shoulder length and long hair. In fact, this is the perfect style for someone who has grown long Bob’s hair and is looking for a free change.

The beauty of Shag hair is that it offers a multitude of styling options. Shag-cut hair looks good whether it’s left to dry naturally, blow-dried, straightened, or curled.

Braid hairstyle trend 2022

If you are too bored with straight hair, girly curls, ponytail… and want to re-image yourself, then braided hair is the fastest way for you.

Personalized hair braid with centipede feet: True to its name, centipede braid is a hairstyle shaped like a centipede by prominent braids, usually extending from the hairline to the end of the hair with a straight, sideways, or zig-zag shape. There are many types of braids that can be used to create a centipede-shaped hair shape such as herringbone braid, basic triple braid, cornrow braid. This personality hairstyle is very easy to do, you just need to braid a few simple lines of centipede legs running along with the head, creating an extremely impressive highlight for your style. This hairstyle has no limit to the number of braids, depending on your preferences, you can create one or more lines, partial braids, or whole head braids.

Braid hairstyle trend 2022

Impressive cornrow braids: The cornrow braid is inspired by the traditional hairstyles of people in Africa. From small hairpins that hug the scalp to each strand of hair that is braided on both sides to form a straight part, you can freely create a variety of hairstyles from thick to thin, combined with a few impressive dyes that will make your hair more beautiful. make you a real stylish lady. The feature of this hairstyle is the braids close to the scalp, lying close together like rows of corn.

Pixie hairstyle

Pixie hair is a short haircut with the bangs cut short and shaped in many styles as you like. This hairstyle gives women a youthful and dynamic appearance, but it is still not strong and attractive.

Hairstyle trend 2022

In the past few years, pixie hair has been the choice of many personality girls. Not only that, famous international female stars also enthusiastically promote this hairstyle because of its youthful, dynamic and extremely strong style. If you want to renew yourself with this hairstyle, quickly go through the article’s tips to become a fashion icon with pixie hair this summer.

Afro hairstyle

Here’s just a stylish hairstyle trend idea for curly hair lovers: afro hairstyle. This 2022 hairstyle will add volume and effect to your look with just a few professional hair products and a pretty simple technique. Here’s a tutorial about how to get afro curls.

The classic ponytail

One of the most popular hairstyles for women in 2022 will be ponytails. Even if you choose to keep your hair low at the nape of your neck, or high with a black hair band around, you’ll look stunning and elegant with both choices.

Hairstyle trend 2022

For more tips about how to get the perfect ponytail, you should watch this video. It will change the way you used to do it from now for sure!

Straight or side bangs

Bangs are a hairstyle that you’ll see everywhere in 2022. Looking both natural and elegant, you can cut your bangs in many styles, adjusting it to your face features. This year, you can both go for a long, side bang style, or a straight, perfectly contoured one.

Center Part Hairstyle

This is a universal truth: the best hair part is the one that fits you best. Anyway, there are some trends regarding it. In 2022, the center part hairstyle is having its glory moment, with all the celebrities adopting it at the beginning of this year. Well, if you don’t feel ready for a new haircut from the 2022 trending list, you can simply switch your hair part and you’re already in style.

Center Part Hairstyle

Note before changing hairstyle trend 2022

Before changing hairstyle trend 2022, you should consider some following elements.

Choose your hairstyle fits your face

If you have a thin face and pointed chin, a curly pixie haircut will be a good suggestion. Because this hairstyle helps your face look rounder and more balanced. Conversely, those with an elongated face should choose to cut their hair short to below the jawline but above the shoulders. For a more youthful appearance, you can combine it with sparse or slanted bangs. As for girls with angular faces, you can choose a pixie haircut with an alternating curled tail. Hair cut above the shoulders and chin is most appropriate.

Know about your hair quality

Before deciding to cut a certain hairstyle, you must definitely understand your hair quality. Knowing the texture of your hair helps you choose the right hairstyle to avoid damaging your hair. For those who have thin bangs, choose a staggered layered haircut to create natural volume.

Ready for new hairstyle 

As mentioned, pixie hair is a very short and uncommon hairstyle, so it is very important to consider carefully before cutting. Not all barbers can create the pixie cut you expect. Choosing to stick with pixie hair is also the time when you have to get used to the huge change in appearance and aesthetics.

At first, you may be shocked to see the long ends of your hair cut off. Moreover, if the new hairstyle is not as perfect as the model, you will experience a great “psychological trauma”. To get the pixie cut you want, consult a variety of models and opinions from hairstylists.

Always need hair style productPixie hair is short, but it is not easy to take care of. Especially after wearing a helmet or after waking up, your hair often becomes unruly, causing you to ask for help with gel, hair wax. With this rebellious and personal hairstyle, you need to have ready in your bag the products to hold and style your hair such as gel, hairspray, and often have to take care of them in a separate mode to make sure your hair won’t get tangled.

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