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05 Jun 2022

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How to grow hair fast and thick: Tips & Trick

Haircare is a long process that requires perseverance before seeing results. There are many ways to help stimulate hair growth at home without fear of side effects and ensure improved health. Here is a simple way to grow hair faster and thicker.

How to grow hair fast and thick natural remedies

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that penetrate the inside of the hair shaft to reduce the risk of protein loss from the hair. Coconut oil can be used before or after shampooing depending on your hair type to grow hair fast and thick. If your hair is oily, you can leave it in overnight or for a few hours before washing it off and massaging it with coconut oil. If your hair is dry, you can also use it as a hair treatment.

You can prepare a mixture of onion and coconut oil by simply adding a few drops of coconut oil to the water with the onion. You can add scented oils to your hair or add lemon juice to get rid of the fishy smell of onions. Gently massage the mixture onto your hair and scalp. After 30 minutes of incubation, wash your hair with warm water.

How to grow hair fast and thick natural remedies


You can use fresh lemon juice or lemon essential oil to grow hair fast and thick. Use lemon essential oil to help maintain a healthy scalp and encourage hair growth by applying fresh lemon juice to your scalp and hair 15 minutes before shampooing or diluting in a carrier oil as a hair mask.

There are many tips to stimulate natural hair growth, but most of these methods do not use chemicals, so it requires you to be persistent to be effective.


Aloe vera is used to grow hair fast and thick, soothe the scalp, condition hair, reduce dandruff, and prevent hair follicles from becoming clogged with excess oil.

You can prepare two clean aloe vera leaves, peel the skin and then puree it. Add a teaspoon of raw honey and mix well. Apply evenly to hair and scalp. Incubate hair like this for about 30 minutes, then rinse with water. Persist in doing it 2 times a week to see the ability to restore damaged hair, significantly thicken hair, and also have the effect of reducing itching, eliminating dandruff, creating a cool, comfortable feeling for the scalp.

Onion juice

Onion juice is used to treat alopecia areata and improve circulation. You can prepare 1 onion and lemon juice. Wash the onion, cut it into thin slices and then put it in a blender or juicer, filter the water. Take celery juice and apply it to your hair and scalp, incubate. After 35 minutes, wash your hair again. Consistently do it twice a week to grow hair fast and thick.

Onion juice

Coffee powder

Coffee is not only a popular drink that helps people stay awake, they are also used to grow hair longer and faster. Because this drink contains a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for hair. Need to prepare 2 teaspoons mixed with regular shampoo in a ratio of 2: 1. Then wash your hair as usual. Use regularly every day to grow hair fast and thick.


Eggs are a type of material that contains a lot of protein – the main component involved in the structure of the hair. They easily penetrate and dissolve into the hair, providing essential materials for hair formation and growth, along with other vitamins and minerals. A good way to grow hair fast and thick.

You can put 2 egg yolks in a bowl, add a tablespoon of olive oil. Then stir them together. Before that, wash your hair thoroughly and let it dry naturally. While the hair is still damp, apply the mixture on the hair and scalp, leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Wash one more time with shampoo to remove the fishy smell of chicken eggs.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary essential oil grows hair fast and thick and can be used to treat endogenous alopecia. You can use rosemary oil by mixing a few drops of rosemary oil in a carrier oil and massaging it into your hair and scalp before washing it off a few times per week. Add a few drops of rosemary oil to your daily shampoo and conditioner.

Rosemary Oil

You should note, do not use essential oils directly on the skin, but should be mixed with a carrier oil or shampoo.


Honey is known as a traditional recipe used by many kings in the past to beautify skin and hair. The raw material also contains extremely high levels of vitamins and minerals and has a good moisturizing ability. With honey you can choose one of three ways to grow hair faster and thicker below:

How to grow hair fast and thick with honey

Method 1: Mix honey in water at a ratio of 9:1 and then gently massage on hair and scalp, use within 3 hours and then rinse your head with warm water.

Method 2: Mix honey with shampoo and apply directly to hair, incubate for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Method 3: Mix honey with olive oil, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, take it out, then let it cool, apply the mixture on your hair and scalp, gently massage for better absorption, use a clean towel to incubate for 30 minutes, then rinse hair with water.

How to grow hair fast and thick using vitamin

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is considered a good candidate in ways to grow hair fast and thick. This vitamin belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins, capable of penetrating deep into the scalp, helping to nourish and recover quickly, making weakened pathogens strengthen resistance, and restoring circulation. blood circulation, making hair stronger, growing more.

It is necessary to prepare 30 Vitamin B1 tablets and put them in water so that they dissolve to form an oil-water suspension. Then take this nutrient and apply it evenly on the hair and scalp. Use 10 fingertips to gently massage in a clockwise direction. After applying, if your scalp is still dry, repeat it again and then cover your hair with a warm towel for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water to avoid sticky hair. Regular practice 2 to 3 times a week will bring amazing results.

How to grow hair fast and thick using vitamin

Vitamin E

Currently, the use of vitamin E oral tablets is being favored by many women because of their convenience, ease of use, and helping to nourish and beautify the skin and hair. This is a vitamin that has long been known for its anti-aging, antioxidant, and skin-beautifying effects.

You just need to take a Vitamin E capsule, cut off the shell, take the oil inside, and gently massage it on the hair roots. Do regularly 2 to 3 times a week to grow hair fast and thick.

Fish oil

Omega-3s from fish oil can help improve hair from the inside because it is rich in nutrients and proteins. Taking fish oil along with antioxidants helps to increase hair thickness and strength and effectively reduce hair loss.

Fish Oil

Besides, Omega 3 also helps cells function properly and strengthens immunity, thereby improving overall health. You need to follow the instructions for use during fish oil supplements.

In addition, you should note some following advice:

  • Limit the impact on the hair such as dyeing, curling or using chemicals, etc.
  • Limit the use of hair dryers that make hair frizzy and dry.
  • Regularly cut and trim hair ends and damaged parts.
  • Add foods that are rich in Protein, Amino Acids and oils for more effective hair care.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to ultraviolet rays and sunlight.
  • Add more water
  • Eat much fruit.
  • Dry hair properly, wash hair properly, do not wash hair with hot water.

There are many tips to stimulate natural hair growth, but most of these methods do not use chemicals, so it requires you to be persistent to be effective. Good luck and don’t forget to follow our new posts.

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