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05 Jun 2022

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How to maintain bone straight hair: Tips & Tricks

How to maintain bone straight hair after your hair goes through a lot of steps into drugs (chemicals) and heat. Therefore, You need to know how to not only maintain salon-standard smoothness, but also prevent dryness, split ends, and breakage

Basic knowledge before learning how to maintain bone straight hair

Differences between natural straight hair and bone straight hair
Bone straight hair is made by using heat tools and chemicals: In contrast to naturally straight hair, it is truly natural. To make hair bone straight, you need to straighten your hair for smooth and sleek hair by using heat tools and chemicals. It means that bone straight hair is human-made.

How to maintain bone straight hair

There are basically two main ways of straightening hair:

  • Temporary hair straightening method: The temporary hair straightening helps you maintain bone straight hair lasting from 1-2 days depending on the type of hair, the technique at the time of implementation and you can do it yourself at home.
  • Long-term straightening method: With this method, you can maintain bone straight hair for an average of 3-6 months, even 1 year or longer depending on how to maintain bone straight hair. The method to make hair bone straight is very popular in the world because of its ability to bring shine to the hair immediately. While curls, puffs, and dyes tend to change from year to year, smooth hair always becomes beautiful over time. Simplicity, lightness, sophistication and beautiful appearance are what bone straight hair brings.

However, when deciding to make hair bone straight, you need to consider carefully how to maintain bone straight hair. Because chemicals on your bone straight hair and the pressure of straightening with a heat tool with high temperature will make your hair prone to damage. Bone straight hair causes the structure of the hair to change, damaging the hair follicles, making the hair roots weaker and more prone to breakage. In addition, straightening also causes the natural oils and moisture in the hair to be lost and makes the hair extremely dry, brittle, and split ends. Therefore, bone straight hair requires special at-home treatments to maintain bone straight hair. Try to learn right away 10 ways how to maintain bone straight hair.

How to maintain bone straight hair in the right way

Wash your hair properly – The wrong way to maintain bone straight hair

As you know, the process of making hair bone straight requires the use of heat and chemicals, surely your hair will then be more sensitive, prone to damage, requiring careful care. If your hair has undergone this step recently or you plan on doing it, here’s what you should know to maintain bone straight hair.

How to maintain bone straight hair: Don’t wash your hair properly

Do not wash your hair immediately after straightening

  • The most basic rule to maintain bone straight hair after straightening is not to wash it right away. Your hair cannot recover immediately after styling, this is the time for the hair to absorb the medicine and hold the style better. Therefore, you need to avoid washing your bone straight hair for at least 3 days from the day you straighten your hair.
  • In addition, when washing, do not use too hot water or scratch too hard to avoid damaging the hair and scalp. Also always make sure you’re using a mild shampoo that’s made with natural ingredients. When you’re done washing your hair, apply a little conditioner and wait a few more minutes to smooth and moisturize your hair optimally.

Do not wash your hair often

Many people think that regularly washing their hair will make their hair clean, shiny, and stronger. But this is a wrong way to maintain bone straight hair, because washing your hair regularly every day makes hair more prone to breakage, losing moisture, the natural protective ability of the hair and scalp. Therefore, you should only wash bone straight hair 2-3 times a week to both ensure a clean scalp, smooth hair and limit the risk of hair loss and damage. This is really one of the ways to maintain bone straight hair that you pay the least attention to.

Limit dyeing and drying hair – to maintain bone straight hair

Limit hair dye

At least for 10-15 days after making hair bone straight, you should not dye your hair, because at this time the hair is still very weak and sensitive. Using chemicals to dye your hair will make your hair more susceptible to damage, breakage, and dryness. It is best to apply beautiful hair care steps with specialized hair oils to help you maintain bone straight hair.

How to maintain bone straight hair: limit dyeing hair

Limit hair drying

Drying hair is the “culprit” of taking away natural moisture, making hair stiff and lifeless. The high temperature of the dryer often affects the hair, which will make the hair easily damaged. How to maintain bone straight hair is to let your hair dry naturally, which is also a way to care for bone straight hair. If you still like to use a dryer, you should apply a layer of hair conditioner before drying, and do not forget to adjust the wind speed and avoid the heat from a dryer being concentrated on one area of ​​your hair.

Limit heat styling

If you want to maintain bone straight hair, do not overuse heat styling machines (such as curling irons, straighteners, etc.) to change your hairstyles. However, when under the influence of too high a temperature, the hair fiber is heated and dries the cuticle, making the hair susceptible to damage and breakage, especially for newly bone straight hair.

Sunscreen for hair – The right way to maintain bone straight hair

This is a natural hair straightener recommended by experts. The main components of the hair fiber include keratin and melanin, which is considered a natural shield against ultraviolet rays found in the sun, especially UVA and UVB rays with long wavelengths that can destroy the epidermis. the skin of the hair. However, long-term sun exposure will cause keratin degradation, causing hair to lose its natural elasticity, gradually becoming dry, damaged, fading, and breaking.

Sunscreen for hair – The right way to maintain bone straight hair

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain bone straight hair when going out in the sun by the hat.

How to maintain bone straight hair: properly conditioning

Increase hair moisture

To increase hair moisture, after 4 weeks when straightening your hair, you should steam or apply a hair conditioner to increase shine. In addition, you should incubate your hair at home once a week to increase hair moisture and better maintain bone straight hair with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, eggs, honey, olive oil…

Regular hair trimming

Split ends are common in people who make hair bone straight. Therefore, to overcome this situation, you should go to the salon for regular trimming every 6 to 8 weeks. This way both helps prevent split ends from spreading to the hair shaft and helps to maintain bone straight hair.

Avoid bad habits to maintain bone straight hair

Don’t brush your hair too hard

How to maintain bone straight hair by caring for your hair and cherishing right from the smallest things. When combing your hair, you should use a wide horn or wooden comb and be very gentle to avoid damage and breakage, especially newly straightened hair which is very weak.

How to maintain bone straight hair: Don’t brush your hair too hard

Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet

Most people have a habit of brushing their bone straight hair while it is wet because they think wet hair is easy to comb and dry hair will be easier to manage. However, this inadvertently causes hair damage, because wet hair is the weakest and if you apply too much force to the hair, it will lead to hair loss and breakage.

Therefore, to maintain bone straight hair, you should only use a cotton towel to dry your hair gently, let it dry completely, and then brush it.

No clips and buns

You should also let your hair fall naturally for 3 days after making bone straight hair, absolutely do not tie your hair, clip, or bun because it can cause your hair to break, lose its smoothness. To keep hair bone straight overnight, you should wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent your hair from being pushed or bent.

Eat enough nutrients – The best way need to be learned how to maintain bone straight hair

For strong and smooth hair, adequate nutrition plays an important role. Therefore, one of the ways to maintain bone straight hair is not to be missed is to improve your daily diet with good foods for strong and long hair such as: Protein, Omega-3, group of vitamins such as A, B, C, E, minerals such as iron, silicon, zinc, chili, pepper, potato and bean sprouts…). In addition, regular massage with essential oils such as lavender, grapefruit essential oil, rosemary, eucalyptus, musk… will help stimulate hair follicles to grow healthy, shiny, with a light scent. It helps you to relax and feel more comfortable.

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